Friday, July 21, 2006

My thoughts on GOD

God, who made man to believe in religion .Religion which has divided humanity in so many parts and has left man in a vulnerable position . Can any one even prove or assert the EXISTENCE OF GOD.

Humans have been questioning, reasoning, believing and keeping faith in the existence of God.
Most of the people have a approach towards it as it is as a matter of fact .......Most people chose keep thier mind free from the traumas and stress which makes one think to get an answer..........what I refer to is just IGNORANCE... And it’s true that ignorance is bliss.........after all......

There have been many Claiming themselves to be GOD and many claiming to have been messengers of GOD. A rationalist may argue that all are just means to reach spirituality .But no, as we go deep into any religion each claims to be the sole religion to be true. Religion and its God or Gods are the only ones that exist. That means if God exists and He Himself has proposed a religion then there is only one way. He wants man to offer his devotion and pray to him by only one way as it has been told by God Himself.

Now what is it that makes us believe that what they say is right and 100% authentic.

1. Blind Faith-Because we have been preached about our religion since childhood. And have been given a mental block that challenging the existence of God is a sin. So no one wants to step out of their circle and think.

2. Since our ancestors have believed in that religion and God, we too should do that because they were not fools to do that.

3. Fear: Precaution is better then cure. this is the reason that makes most of us believe in our religion. We have been told by religious scriptures and scholars about benefits of worshiping him and drawbacks about not doing that. So out of fear that if God exists then they would land in hell after life if we follow their directions.

4. The GREED of receiving benefits of worshiping Him and making Him happy. There are benefits of all kind, in the life after death or the next life if not in this life .

It means that all the messengers of god were aware of human psychology and they knew that man can be easily bought under the influence of Divine power like god......
Not only this many religious creed have made use of Demon and monster to capture the fear in humans.....
That Influence can be use for making people’s life better...

Man wants some one to depend on, to ask for what he desires,  to confess in front of when feeling guilty (redeem). And some one who will reward him for good deeds and protect from evil around and the unknown. This gives him a sense of security in this uncertain world, gives comfort in pain (praying) gives hope for this future in this world and there after.

That SOMEONE is what messenger gave to Man, “GOD”. That’s the existence of God.

Our Messengers made use of God to get the best out of men and showed men who to lead a good life with peace and harmony. But as time passed by, people started taking them as God (in most cases) rather then messenger of god but they were only intelligent people with very good knowledge of human psychology and eloquent speakers. They devoted their life for a Great cause.

The human feeling of reverence, of hero-worshiping, of idolizing and most importantly feeling of fear was all captured my Our messengers as God.

All Is Vanity

Lets begin with the END !!!
If you start thinking of death, you are no longer sure of life. That’s right I don’t even know the reason of existence of life. I am not sure that this could be answered certainly by some philosopher or spiritual person who have attained nirvana.
I have not always been thinking about this part of life. Is dead really a part of life or end or life or begging of new life?
It was not easy for me to see my grandmother in the situation. I had seen her just hours before her final few moments. I am talking about moments more then a year back. My grandmother was a healthy individual, seeing anyone else in such a state would have never disturbed me to such an extend, would never had make to think so much. It’s something we all have to go through and this part of life we realize once we will get to old age. But its not necessary we will die old.
What is it that fallows death rebirth, heaven hell or stay back in grave till the Day of Judgment till eternity. Is it just biological decomposing that follows after what it has taken so many year to be the person/she was. This is as hard a answer to find as finding the existence of God.
The diversification of Religious faiths concerning this makes me believe there is nothing so called life after dead. Have a look at the mythology of different religion

Hindu mythology

In the Hindu scriptures known collectively as 'Vedas', the lord of death is called Yama, or Yamaraja.
He rides a black buffalo and carries a rope lasso to carry the soul back to his abode called 'Yama-loka'. Here, all the accounts of the person's good and bad deeds are stored which allow Yamaraja and his followers (called 'Yamadutas') to decide where the soul has to reside in his next life, following the theory of reincarnation.

In Islam

Death, as of one of Allah's angels, is spoken of in the Qur'an:
He is traditionally known by the name of "Izrail" the English form of which is Azrael. He is charged with the task of separating and returning from the bodies the souls of people who are to be recalled permanently from the physical world back to the primordial spiritual world. This is a process whose aspect varies depending on the nature and past deeds of the individuals in question, and some suggest that Azrael is also accompanied by helpers or associates.

In Slavic paganism

Old tribes viewed Death as a woman in white clothes, with a never-fading green sprout in her hand. The touch of the sprout would put a human to an everlasting sleep.

Getting back to the topic

Things which men are uncertain about has always been taken up by religion .The gravity of topic can be realized by the fact the every religion has its own thesis about it .Or is it the region is taking the advantage of the uncertainty.
What ever I though, read, felt lead me to only one conclusion, to mollify my curiosity with the fact that what ever lies after life will not affect my present and future life.So let it not disturb my life.We all have to see one day whats beyond reality or non have ever seen it.
Even attaining great spiritual level or consciousness would not eradicate the uncertainty about the true nature of life end of life.
Life after death is concealed fantasy of man to live for ever.